CozyDown - what's that then?

So.... What is CozyDown? I think I heard someone murmur at the back.

Well it's a brand new business, 😎 starting with my very own collection of 100% plant-based, soy wax candles in jars and travel tins.

Plus a range of natural reed diffusers, and an organic, triple milled gardeners scrub soap.

The entire range are VEGAN, cruelty-free, non-toxic, and 100% plant based, using only high quality, pure Essential Oils.

The candles are hand poured and the glass candles are made with recycled glass.

The plan is to make these available for sale direct, through my website, and third party via shops, boutiques, spa's, yoga and relaxation centres etc. (BTW, please do get  in touch if you are interested in stocking a selection). 

The website (currently in development) will also stock other compatible, harmonious products.

The whole concept is highest quality and fabulous aromas where all materials are sourced responsibly and ethically.

The idea was born from my interest in the uses of essential oils to help relieve symptoms of my fibromyalgia, and subsequent investigation into what actually goes into some candles, how essential oils work, their benefits and the art of blending (I think this will become a life long learning obsession for me).

So I thank you for joining me at the beginning of this adventure. Please watch out for more info regarding launch date and stockists etc. 

Jacqui x

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