CozyDown Pure Essential Oil Blend geranium sweet oranfe ylang ylang lavandin lavender 10 ml suitable for oil burmers and diffusers plant based vegan ethical responsible sourced ingredients
CozyDown Serenity pure Essential Oil Blend 10ml

CozyDown Serenity pure Essential Oil Blend 10ml

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CozyDown's Serenity pure essential oil blend is a customer favourite and with good reason. 

The essential oils of Geranium, Sweet Orange, Lavender, Lavandin & Ylang Ylang are such a fabulous blend, creating an oasis of calm and peace.  Perfect to chill out! 🙏

10ml in recycled on trend brown medicinal glass. Perfect to add a few drops to your oil burners and diffusers.

Add a few drops to your bath for a wonderfully relaxing home spa experience. 😍

(NOTE: If using in a oil burner/diffuser please ensure you follow the instructions for your model and add water as appropriate).